“Tiny the Tree” – Available Soon!

Want a Christmas Story that teaches children about the love of family during this holiday season? “Tiny the Tree” will be out soon! Be sure to grab one for your Classroom library, your children’s Christmas present, a gift for a friend or family member, or as a teaching tool for your children before Christmas!

Check out the first page of the book! What do you think will happen to “Tiny the Tree?”

Tiny tried to stand as tall as he could when the tree farmer came to check his rows of trees. Standing in between his mom and dad, Tiny knew he was the runt of the family. As the farmer came near, Tiny heard him say, “This one has a nice color. This one has good strong branches. Look how tall this one is!”

When the farmer stopped in front of him, Tiny wondered what he would say.

The farmer scratched his chin, looking puzzled. “I don’t know what to make of this one,” he said, 

feeling Tiny’s small branches. “I have fertilized this one. Pruned it. Babied it. But I still can’t get it to 

grow any taller. I expect this one will be standing alone come Christmas Day,” the farmer said sadly.

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