rainbow-butterfly-circleMary Clark Dalton,

Children's Book Author

Follow your favorite Author, Mary Clark Dalton, and her cast of lovable characters.  Children will fall in love with the adventures of Rainbow the Butterfly while learning some valuable lessons along the way.

About Mary Clark Dalton

I am a stay at home mom with two grown children, Brent and Amanda. I now have 3 grandsons named Luke, Jude and Samuel. I live in a small county in Virginia called Henry.  I write stories for the modern day child who I believe have a more mature taste for books. I like to write about the things they face today, sometimes using animal characters. My first book is just that. "Rainbow's Promise" is about a caterpillar that is the last in his class to receive his wings. He dreams of flying with the beautiful rainbow wings his father has promised will come in time. His mom tells him to be patient and use this time to do things only a caterpillar can do. "Rainbow's Promise" has been given a 5 star must read rating from bookreview. The Rainbow series continues with Rainbow Learns to Fly, Rainbow Deals with Pride, and concludes with Rainbow Learns the Golden Rule. I have republished Rainbow's Promise in a hardback 8X10 changing it's title to Rainbow Learns to Fly How it all started. These books have wonderful life lessons for children to learn and enjoy at the same time. Follow Rainbow on his adventures!

Mary's Books

wandering wanda - mary clark daltonWandering Wanda - Mary's Newest Book!

Wanda is not your ordinary ant. Most ants are content to follow orders, stay in a straight line, then head back to headquarters. That is not how it is with Wanda. If she had her way, the life of an ant would be much more exciting! She dreams of exploring. One day, Wanda’s curiosity gets the better of her. She just has to see for herself what is over that hill. Find out what happens when Wanda disobeys, and learns a hard lesson in obedience! Includes eight coloring pages from Wanda's adventure in the back of the book!

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Squirrelly - Mark Clark Dalton - Children BookSquirrelly

Squirrelly loved to play. In fact, there wasn't a squirrel around who knew more acorn games than he did. He loved to make all the other squirrels laugh, and that he did time after time. All his friends would say, "Squirrelly, you're the funniest squirrel around!" What he didn't like though was working to store up for winter. 'I have plenty of time, ' he would say when his father would warn him winter was coming soon. All he had on his mind was games and more games. Follow Squirrelly as he finds that procrastination can be a very serious thing!

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Rainbows Promise - How It All Started - Mark Clark Dalton - Children Book

Being the last caterpillar in his class to receive his wings causes poor Rainbows classmates to tease him. He dreams of having beautiful colors and flying with his friends. But his mom tells him to be patient and look for things that only a caterpillar can do. Follow Rainbow along on this adventure in Rainbows Promise.


Rainbow Learns the Golden Rule - Mary Clark Dalton - Children Book

In this, the last of the Rainbow series, Rainbow learns the hard way that its not too much fun to be the strongest, most beautiful butterfly if you do not have friends to share it with. After a time of showing off and a little taunting of his own, Rainbow finally learns the Golden Rule. He must treat other butterflies the way he would like to be treated. Follow Rainbow as he tries to rebuild friendships and trust that he has broken through all his prideful acts.


Rainbow Learns to Fly - Mark Clark Dalton - Children Book

Rainbow has finally received his beautiful rainbow wings.  Now he can't wait to fly!  How hard can it be? he thinks to himself.  He's thrilled when his dad tells him it's time to learn to fly.  "These things take time, Son, you'll fly soon," his father tells him.  Follow Rainbow as he learns once again, some things are worth the wait.


The Prince of Deep Within - Mary Clark Dalton - Children Book

Alexander is a prince. Who could ask for more than that? To be heir to the throne, have everything you could wish for. Sure, there are plenty perks being a prince, but just once, Prince Alexander would like to be a kid named Alex with no responsibilities who can play, eat pizza, cheese burgers, French fries, and of course, milkshakes! The son of a king can’t go anywhere unaccompanied, so he can’t pick his friends or go to fun places, except of course when he is reading. In a book, Prince Alexander can escape; he can go where he wants to go, with whom he chooses, and stay as long as he wishes.


Rainbow Deals with Pride - Mary Clark Dalton - Children Book

Rainbow is proud of his beautiful wings and ability to fly, but hes showing off just a little too much. He thinks its payback time for Lightning, the butterfly who used to taunt him. But is this kind of revenge really the right thing to do? Follow Rainbow as he learns a hard lesson on pride.


Tiny the Tree - Mary Clark Dalton - Children Book

Tiny is sad, he knows hes the smallest tree on the farm. He longs to go home with someone and decorate their house for Christmas. He watches as tree after tree leaves the farm. Will he be the last tree standing on Christmas morning? Follow Tiny as he discovers Christmas is more than fancy decorations and expensive presents.